Fantastic Results for the ISD Family at Yale!


The ISD Family had a tremendously successful weekend at the Yale Invitational this weekend! Congratulations to all of our alumni, junior instructors, and their coaches on these fantastic results! We are so proud of y’all! #ISDDifference


In Humorous Interp:



Alex Steel – Semifinalist


In Public Forum Debate:


Charlotte Latin IS (Iyer & Spicer) – Tournament Runners-Up

Richard Montgomery GL (Guo) – Semifinalists

NSU AG (Arias & Gutkin) – Quarterfinalists

NSU FR (Ronkin) – Octafinalists

Bethesda Chevy Chase GT (Tiefer) – Octafinalists

Poly Prep SH (Sah & Humes) – Double-Octafinalists

Lake Mary Prep PV (Petrousky & Vihlen) – Double-Octafinalists

Blacksburg FK (Fritz & Klemba) – Double-Octafinalists

Ransom Everglades JR (Rodriguez) – Double-Octafinalists

Montgomery Blair WK (Keshav) – Triple-Octafinalists

Sage Hill OM (Miranda) – Triple-Octafinalists

Dreyfoos Academy for the Arts AL (Ali & Lee) – Triple-Octafinalists

Marvin Ridge GG (Gorantla & Gorantla) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Durham SW (Sukhija & Wallen) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Dalton YS (Solomon) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Fairmont Prep AG (Alamy & Gumlia) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Hawken MW (Marrie & Watson) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Blake OP (Olson & Perri) – ISD 2021 Jr. Instructors – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Thomas S. Wootton LR (Liu & Ramesh) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Charles W. Flanagan HJ (Hernandez & Jaramillo) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Acton-Boxborough BV (Baradwaj) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

BASIS Silicon Valley VA (Vellore) – Quadruple-Octafinalists

Durham CB (Crowley & Brent-Levenstein) – Quadruple-Octafinalists


In Congressional Debate:


Isaac Kan – Tournament Runner-Up

Charles Gu – 6th Place

Rani Vakharia – 8th Place

Camila Alatorre – 12th Place

Michael Bendok – Semifinalist

Jihoon Jimmy Baek – Semifinalist

Asia Crowley – Semifinalist

Divya Mehrotra – Semifinalist

Pranav Garigipati – Quarterfinalist

Samik Gupta – Quarterfinalist

Reya Brahmbhatt – Quarterfinalist

Genevieve Cox – ISD 2021 Jr. Instructor – Quarterfinalist

Samantha Stephens – Quarterfinalist

Kaushal Ramalingam – Quarterfinalist

Ellen Zeng – Quarterfinalist

Lucas Guan – Quarterfinalist

Mayah Ding – Quarterfinalist

Eston Kuwahara – Quarterfinalist

Harini Kumar – Quarterfinalist

Jasmine Kaur – Quarterfinalist

Andy Lu – Quarterfinalist


In Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate:


Evan Li – Semifinalist

Kara Bivens – Triple-Octafinalist


In Extemporaneous Speaking:


Katherine Rollins – Semifinalist

Neha Modak – Quarterfinalist

Serena Klebba – Quarterfinalist

Aditya Kalahasti – Quarterfinalist

Michelle Park – Quarterfinalist

Peter Alisky – Quarterfinalist

Krishna Sanaka – Octafinalist

Samarth Nagaraj – Octafinalist


In Informative Speaking:


Ying Lin – Semifinalist


In Original Oratory:


William Zheng – Semifinalist

Michael Lutz – Semifinalist

Elizabeth Park – Quarterfinalist

Hanna Drake – Octafinalist

Zayn Malik – Octafinalist

Adam Stone – Octafinalist


In Junior Varsity Public Forum Debate:


Brooklyn Technical QC (Quesada) – Quarterfinalists

Holy Trinity Episcopal MZ (Montalvo & Zaidi) – Octafinalists

Dalton KB (Karlson & Berg) – Double-Octafinalists

Charlotte Latin HR (Hollingsworth & Rao) – Double-Octafinalists

Ransom Everglades ZG (Granda-Scott) – Double-Octafinalists

Cary Academy BC (Chang) – Triple-Octafinalists

Bethesda Chevy Chase LF (Lev & Fleischmann) – Triple-Octafinalists


In Lincoln-Douglas Debate:


Roberto Sosa – Double-Octafinalist


In Dramatic Interp:


Alexandra Henriquez – Octafinalist


*We do our very best to ensure that these lists are accurate. If we missed your name and success this weekend, we apologize! Please let us now and we will update the list ASAP!*