CBI is now ISD

Dear Friends,

When we founded ISD seven years ago, we did so with a desire to do things differently. Having worked at a variety of summer camps around the country, we knew that there were things that could be done better to enhance the student experience and support instructors in the speech & debate community. Today, as we look ahead to our 8th institute at #ISD2020, we are excited that ISD continues to expand in order to provide even more access to the #ISDDifference for more students across the country. Last year, we expanded our program offerings to include all NSDA main events other than Policy Debate. This year, we are proud to offer three locations (ISD: Colorado, ISD: Florida, and ISD: Carolina) and today we are announcing that CBI is now ISD.

Acquiring CBI allows us to continue to expand access to more students across the country and introduce hundreds of new students, parents, and coaches to the differences that make ISD so special. As we begin this next chapter, we are more committed than ever to the founding values of ISD. We will continue to provide students with a safe and fun environment that treats every student equally. We will always prioritize learning fundamental skills over a quick trick to win the next round or ballot, because there is more to this activity than winning. We will continue to provide students with individualized attention and access to all of our championship instructors, because we never value one student over another. We remain committed to pay equity for our faculty and being an industry leader in safety and security standards. And most importantly, we will always foster an inclusive community in the ISD Family that extends far beyond the last day of camp and supports students throughout their entire speech & debate career and beyond.

What started as an idea scribbled on a napkin in 2012 has grown into one of the nation’s most respected speech & debate institutes with over 1,700 alumni. This journey would not have been possible without the tremendous support of so many students, faculty, parents, coaches, family, and friends, and we are humbled by the trust that you have placed in us summer after summer. As the season progresses, we will continue to share exciting news and announcements with you as we prepare to host our best institute ever. We cannot wait to welcome hundreds of more students into our family at ISD 2020 and continue to share the #ISDDifference.

We wish you the very best of luck this season and can’t wait to see you at #ISD2020!

Jason Kline, Jonathan Peele, and Chase Williams
ISD Co-Founders and Co-Directors