Amber Justmann

Curriculum Director - Interpretation of Literature
ISD: Florida
*Confirmed for 2023

Amber is honored to be joining her friends on the ISD team and to be taking over Interpretation of Literature this summer in Florida!

Being a trained and practiced dramaturg/director, Amber uses her professional experience around performance to contextualize the Speech experience for her students. Studying interpretation with Amber is about more than events and competition, it’s about learning artistic and collaborative processes that will jumpstart your journey into a season of incredible storytelling.

To get a taste of Amber’s style of work, check out some performances she was able to help bring to life for the NSDA Final Stage:

-“Alabama Story” 2022 Runners-Up in Duo Interpretation

-“Defacing Michael Jackson” 2021 Runner-Up in Humorous Interpretation

-“Surviving America” 2020 Runner-Up in Program Oral Interpretation

-“Defending Your Life” 2017 Champion in Humorous Interpretation

-“A Step from Heaven” 2013 Runners-Up in Duo Interpretation

-“Crafty” 2012 Runner-Up in Dramatic Interpretation