Becca Marks

​Curriculum Director - Congressional Debate at ISD: Carolina
ISD: Carolina / ISD: Florida
*Confirmed for 2022

Becca teaches English and Humanities at Hawken Upper School in Cleveland, Ohio. While she chaperoned the Hawken team’s trip to Harvard in 2016 simply to visit friends from grad school, she quickly fell in love with Speech and Debate and the hardworking, passionate students who channel their voices through the activity. At Hawken, she primarily coaches Extemp and Congress and her students have reached semifinal and final rounds at UK, Yale, Minneapple, Glenbrooks, Princeton, ASU, Durham, Emory, Stanford, Harvard, the Ohio Speech and Debate Association state tournament, UKTOC, NCFL Grand Nationals, and NSDA Nationals.  She coached back-to-back Congressional Debate state champions in Ohio in 2019 and 2020.  She loves Congress and ISD, and can’t wait for another fantastic summer (and specifically banana pudding milkshakes from Cookout).

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