Jesus Caro

ISD: Carolina / ISD: Florida

Jesus Caro is the current Director of Forensics and Debate at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  He competed in college for California State University-Long Beach where he received his B.S. in Financial Investments and Accountancy. His geopolitical areas of interests include the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe, and Eastern Europe.  He loves talking about economics and likes to play golf, rugby, and softball.

Jesus believes that debate is place where students are able to find their voice. He believes that every student is a unique person with a unique perspective. His goal is to help students develop the interpersonal tools necessary to be self-advocates. Jesus believes that the competitive nature of speech and debate creates the proper environment to make learning fun.

Jesus Caro has coached the 2015 NSDA Congress Champion and the 2016 World’s School Debate Champions. He has coached all NSDA events with particular success in Extemp, Congress, Policy, and Lincoln-Douglas to elimination rounds at Wake Forest, Bronx, Glenbrooks, Sunvitational, Harvard, and Berkeley.

Jesus says: “My favorite aspect of speech and debate is creating unique strategies for each student to become a champion. By teaching competitors to feel in control during their performance they are more likely to exhibit greater focus, motivation, and less anxiety. I can’t wait to work with students at ISD this summer!”

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