Olivia Bobrownicki

ISD: Online
*Confirmed for 2020

Olivia is an ISD alumni who debated for Fairmont Preparatory Academy for seven years and served as team captain during her junior and senior years. While competing in Public Forum, she earned 17 career bids, co-championed the Cal Round Robin, and won speaker awards including 1st at the Cal Round Robin, 2nd at MinneApple, 3rd at Stanford, 4th at UNLV, and 5th at Glenbrooks. She is as dedicated to cultivating a more inclusive debate community as achieving competitive success, and started Fairmont’s Board of Female Directors to recruit, empower, and represent her team’s female debaters. In her free time, Olivia is a national-level artistic roller skater and lifelong Girl Scout. She is psyched to see you this summer!