Olivia Bobrownicki

Olivia is an ISD alumni who debated for Fairmont Preparatory Academy for seven years and served as team captain during her junior and senior years. While competing in Public Forum, she earned 17 career bids, co-championed the Cal Round Robin, and won speaker awards including 1st at the Cal Round Robin, 2nd at MinneApple, 3rd at Stanford, 4th at UNLV, and 5th at Glenbrooks. She is as dedicated to cultivating a more inclusive debate community as achieving competitive success, and started Fairmont’s Board of Female Directors to recruit, empower, and represent her team’s female debaters. In her free time, Olivia is a national-level artistic roller skater and lifelong Girl Scout. She is psyched to see you this summer!

Kelly Kong

Kelly Kong is a senior at Edgemont High School and has debated for the past 5 years. She attended TOC her junior year, and has debated numerous elimination rounds at tournaments like Glenbrooks, Bronx, Blake and UK. Notably, she reached quarterfinals at Emory and Harvard, and championed the Lakeland Round Robin. She has also earned several speaker awards at tournaments like Emory and Blake, and placed in the top 3 speakers at Lexington, Lakeland, and the Glenbrooks Round Robin. She’s an alumna of ISD and is very excited to return this summer!

Maryrose Kohan

Maryrose Kohan is the head coach and a full-time speech and debate educator at George Washington High School in Denver, Colorado, where she has coached for the past 12 years. She is the coach of the 2010 TOC PF Champions and her students placed 13th at NSDA Nationals in 2014. Additionally, she has coached students to late elimination rounds in Public Forum and other events at invitational tournaments around the country including Bronx, UC Berkeley, Alta, Glenbrooks, and Stanford. She can’t wait to work with students this summer at ISD: Colorado!

Andrew Owens

Andrew Owens is a three-time ISD alumnus. He has participated in Public Forum Debate for four years in high school at Durham Academy in Durham, North Carolina and serves as the Debate Novice Trainer. Andrew has had plenty of competitive success, reaching elimination rounds at Harvard, Presentation, Florida Blue Key, The Glenbrooks, Laird Lewis, University of Kentucky, Yale, Big Bronx, and NSDA Nationals. In addition, he quarter-finaled at George Mason University, championed the Holy Cross Invitational, and was Runner-Up in North Carolina his junior year, while being ranked #1 in North Carolina by the NSDA. Overall, Andrew and his partner Adriana have consistently been ranked among the top teams in the nation over the last two years. Andrew is thrilled to continue teaching and learning at the Institute for Speech and Debate this summer!

Fabiola Sepulveda

Fabiola Sepulveda is a senior at Cypress Bay High School in South Florida, where she is also the PF captain. Over the first three years of her competitive career, Fabiola has reached late elimination rounds at nationally competitive tournaments such as Blue Key, Sunvitational, Golden Desert, Bronx, and Berkeley. In addition, she qualified for the Tournament of Champions and NSDA National tournament her junior year. Outside of competitive success, Fabiola has made an impact in her community, where she not only mentors over a dozen teams at her school’s program but also middle schools within her school district. Fabiola has attended ISD twice as a camper and is beyond thrilled to return as an instructor!

Dori Schurr

Dori Schurr is a rising senior at Ransom Everglades School in Miami, Florida and a 3-time alumnus of ISD.  In fact, Dori learned how to compete in Public Forum at ISD 2017. She has competed in Public Forum for three years and is serving as the President of her team this year.  Dori and her partner have reached late elimination rounds at various national tournaments, including the Cypress Bay Tradition, Blue Key Invitational, NSDA, Sunvitational, and received speaker awards at both the Harvard Forensics tournament and Cypress Bay Tradition.  She has double-qualified to NSDA since her sophomore year, and won the district tournament in Public Forum as a junior.

In addition, Dori has been an active and integral member of Beyond Resolved (beyondresolved.org) since the end of her sophomore year, serving as the Southeast Regional Director for 2 years.  She has written a number of articles telling her story in debate and uses the platform to make change in our community. Dori is excited to come back to the ISD family for her fourth year!

Albi Manfredi

Albi Manfredi is a three-time ISD alumnus. He was highly competitive in Public Forum Debate for all four years of high school at Lake Mary Prep in Orlando, Florida. Throughout his career, Albi amassed a total of 17 bids to the Tournament of Champions, semi-finaled at Yale and the Tournament of Champions, was the Florida State Runner-Up, and championed the Blue Key Round Robin, the Crestian Tradition, and the Sunvitational. Individually, he achieved top speaker at the Blake Tournament, Emory’s Barkley Forum, and Florida States. He finished his career placing 5th at NSDA Nationals. He could not be happier to be a part of the ISDDifference again this summer.

Caitlyn Jones

Caitlyn Jones competed for four years as a member of the Speakfirst Debate Team in Alabama and is a two time ISD alumna. She competed in Public Forum debate for 3 years and Lincoln Douglas debate for 1 year, while also volunteering as a coach and judge for a local middle school debate initiative. During her career, Caitlyn championed the Peach State Classic and Mountain Brook Betty Gunn Invitational, as well as reached late elimination rounds at numerous tournaments. Caitlyn has also won speaker awards at tournaments such as Isidore Newman, University of Alabama Hall of Fame, and top speaker at the Alabama State Championship. Caitlyn is incredibly excited to join the ISD staff and work with you this summer!

Alexis Huang

Alexis Huang is a senior at Trinity Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida. She championed the silver division of the Tournament of Champions as a sophomore. As a junior, she reached octofinals at NCFL Nationals and is currently qualified to the Tournament of Champions. She has also reached elimination rounds at numerous national tournaments including Bronx, Minneapple, Blue Key, Crestian, Sunvitational, and Harvard. Alexis is an alumna of ISD and can’t wait to return and work with you this summer!

Sara Catherine Cook

Sara Catherine Cook has competed in Public Forum Debate for three years at The Altamont School in Birmingham, AL and is the current PF captain of her team. She and her partner started Beyond Resolved (beyondresolved.org), an organization promoting inclusivity for womxn in debate, and organized an online tournament, a blog, and a national mentor program, among other initiatives. She coaches members of her team, and mentors a younger femxle debater through Beyond Resolved. During her career, she has championed the Holy Cross Debate and Speech Exhibition and the Alabama State Championship, and reached outrounds at numerous national tournaments including Yale Invitational, New York City Invitational, and Peach State Classic. She has been ranked as highly as 15th in the nation. She is excited to join the ISD Family in 2019!