A fantastic start to the 2021-2022 season for the ISD Family!

The ISD Family is off to a fantastic start this season and we’re so excited to celebrate their accomplishments!

New for the 2021-2022 season, we want to give students and coaches the opportunity to share additional accomplishments (and photos!) that we might miss in these posts. If you have a result that you want to share, please submit it at tinyurl.com/ISDspotlight and we will feature you on our social media platforms as a part of our Alumni Spotlight!

Congratulations to the following students and their coaches for these fantastic results:


At the University of Kentucky Season Opener:

In Informative Speaking:

Adam Stone – Tournament Champion

Anika Parthiban – Semifinalist

In Original Oratory:

Anika Parthiban – Tournament Champion

In Public Forum Debate:

Durham WS (Wallen & Sukhija) – Tournament Champion

Edgemont MM (Masam) – Quarterfinalists

Fairmont GG (Gumlia) – Quarterfinalists

Poly Prep LS (Sah) – Octafinalists

In Public Forum Debate Rising Stars:

Nueva CG (Chiang) – Semifinalists

In Extemporaneous Speaking:

Cade Savoy – Tournament Runner-Up

Dev Ahuja – 5th Place

Vikram Sundaram – 6th Place

Chirag Choudhary – Semifinalist

In Program of Oral Interp:

Adam Stone – 5th Place

Emma Barney – 6th Place

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

Natasha Sarchar – Octafinalist

Ethan Nicoll – Octafinalist

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate Rising Stars:

Veer Guda – Semifinalist


At the Grapevine Classic:

In Congressional Debate:

Corina Aniceto – Tournament Champion

Anish Beeram – 3rd Place

Kaushal Ramalingam – Semifinalist

Iris Cheng – Semifinalist

In Informative Speaking:

Shriya Bhat – Tournament Champion

In Original Oratory:

Shriya Bhat – Tournament Champion


At the Yale Invitational

In Congressional Debate:

Isaac Kan – Tournament Runner-Up

Asia Crowley – 3rd Place

Pranav Garigipati – 5th Place

Anish Beeram – Semifinalist

Eston Kuwahara – Semifinalist

In Extemporaneous Speaking:

Peter Alisky – 5th Place

Vikram Sundaram – 6th Place

Dev Ahuja – Semifinalist

Michelle Park – Semifinalist

Isha Narang – Quarterfinalist

Chirag Choudhary – Quarterfinalist

Smarth Nagaraj – Quarterfinalist

In Dramatic Interp:

McKenzie Acton – Semifinalist

In Humorous Interp:

Sammie Armatas – 3rd Place

In Informative Speaking:

Adam Stone – Semifinalist

In Original Oratory:

Max Tendler – Tournament Runner-Up

In Program of Oral Interp:

Jasmine Chen – Semifinalist

In Public Forum Debate:

Ransom Everglades GM (Gold & Marcus) – Quarterfinalists

Lake Higland Prep CP (Calderon & Patel) – Octafinalists

Ransom Everglades GR (Granda-Scott & Rodriguez) – Octafinalists

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

Patrick Mays – Double-Octafinalist


At Greenhill:

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

Roberto Sosa – Double-Octafinalist