ISD: Online  (July 1, 2, and 3)
ISD: Florida  (July 10 and 11)

Coaches Clinic

Includes coaches clinic and access to student resources and lectures
In-Person or Online

For over a decade, ISD has welcomed thousands of students and coaches into our ISD Family. In 2024, we are continuing to expand our family by including even more amazing coaches that make speech and debate possible! With seminars led by championship coaches with decades of experience, coaches of all experience levels will benefit from the ISD Coaches Clinic. As you attempt to navigate an increasingly uncertain world, our coaches clinic will offer you the boost you need to further develop your coaching skills, prepare for the upcoming season, and get ready for whatever challenges may come our way next.

A Professional Development Opportunity for Coaches of All Experience Levels

Coaches that sign-up for the ISD Coaches Clinic this summer will receive information in a variety of formats. From daily panels of esteemed coaches and competitors, to seminars that focus on specific events, to the ability to observe all of our championship ISD faculty, our clinic will provide you with the materials to help you start your team, embrace that new event, or refresh your love for coaching. With topics ranging from equity and diversity to trends in specific events, our experienced coaches and championship junior faculty are ready to set you up for success for the coming season.

Over the three-day clinic online or two-day clinic in-person, we will ensure that every coach gains a better understanding of speech events, debate events and general coaching necessities. By offering both an in-person and online session, we hope to make the clinic accessible to coaches of all experience levels, around the country and the world.

Through four 60-90 minute blocks daily, we will build a modular schedule that allows coaches to select the topics that are right for them – and if you miss a session that caught your eye, don’t worry – all coaches clinic sessions will be recorded and made available throughout the school year.

Here is just a sample of some of the sessions that you will have access to this summer:

  • Selecting the perfect piece or topic: Helping your students tell their story
  • Climbing out from under the paperwork: Learning how to effectively manage your team
  • Controlling Roberts’ Rules of Order: Congressional Debate 101
  • Going Online: How to be the best coach possible in the digital age
  • Breaking down barriers and lifting others up: being an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in speech & debate
  • Answer the question: What is limited prep?
  • How we did it: stories of how national championships were won

Remember, in addition to coaches clinic sessions, attending coaches will be invited to sit in on student lectures or watch selected recordings of student lectures. And for those coaches who need it, we will provide you with a recertification hours certificate for your time at the clinic.

We can’t wait to welcome you into the ISD Family this summer at our coaches clinic!

From Our Coaches Clinic Director

COVID-19 has put a tremendous strain on educators and coaches around the country. Each new school year will be full of uncertainty and who knows what will come next, but we don't have to face it alone. At the ISD Coaches Clinic, we will help prepare you for the challenges ahead next season and beyond. We can't wait to work with you this summer!

– Jennifer Jerome, Curriculum Director - Coaches Clinic
10:00-11:15am EDT
Advanced Skills - The finer points of teaching and coaching argumentative writing with an eye towards Oratory
11:30am-12:30pm EDT
Town Hall - Breaking down barriers and lifting others up: being an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in speech & debate
1:30-2:45pm EDT
Speech - Selecting the perfect piece or topic: Helping your students tell their story
3:00-4:15pm EDT
Debate - Controlling Roberts’ Rules of Order: A deep dive into Congress rules, norms, and strategies
4:30-5:30pm EDT
Town Hall - How we did it: Former competitor panel on how championships were won