ISD is a nationally recognized speech and debate summer camp program for middle and high school students.  Designed, managed, and staffed by championship speech and debate coaches, we offer the highest quality speech and debate program in the nation.  While we work hard to win, we also have fun. Our students love participating in our popular activities that foster friendships that last long after camp ends.  Above all, we are a community dedicated to each other and to our shared passion for speech and debate.

Designed to be Different

As life long speech and debate competitors and coaches ourselves, we’re trained to challenge each other.  So, when we set out to build our own program, we saw opportunities to be different and to be better. These became the values and principles upon which we founded ISD.  We hire nationally recognized faculty who get to know students through small group sessions and provide highly individualized instruction and coaching.  And, we balance all of this learning with exciting activities that foster friendships and community, and so much more. This is the ISD difference of which we are so proud, and it’s what sets us apart.

ISD Leads in a New Way

Built on this firm foundation of integrity, respect, and community, our programs continue to grow.  Top talent among both instructors and students seek us out from around the world. Our program alumni have gone on to compete at the highest levels of speech and debate, including winning tournaments like the Tournament of Champions, NCFL Nationals, and the NSDA National Tournament.  Many of these alumni return to ISD as junior instructors and help train the next season of students alongside our adult senior faculty, all of whom are attracted by our commitment to educational excellence and fair wages.  Our ISD relationships extend well-beyond the weeks of summer. We are a community that supports, learns from, and celebrates each other all throughout the year.

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

At the Institute for Speech and Debate, we are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment where diverse perspectives are recognized, respected, and seen as a source of strength. We recognize that speech and debate – as an activity – has a number of barriers that limits the access of various populations of students based on socioeconomic status, race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and identity. ISD is committed to helping to break those barriers.

At ISD we strive to expand access to our institute and speech and debate through the work of our Curriculum Director for DEIJ, our financial aid program, partnerships with specific organizations, our hiring process, and our institute curriculum.

We understand that this is not easy; it requires each member of the ISD family to challenge themselves and examine their own identities and privileges, but it is important work that we remain committed to each and every day.

Come join our community, and experience the #ISDDifference.