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Join the ISD Family in 2024.

The ISD Difference is more than a slogan, it’s the motto that drives our camp experience. Over the past eleven summers, our students have benefitted from faculty who have shown commitment to the highest quality educational experience and our shared summer institute philosophy. As we plan for our twelfth summer institute at ISD 2024, we are seeking qualified applicants who are interested in joining that faculty.

ISD is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all employees and campers. We believe all employers should uphold transparency and fairness. In our staffing structure, there are three levels: Curriculum Director, Senior Instructor, and Junior Instructor. We are committed to pay equity and ensure that everyone on each level is compensated equally.

ISD is committed to creating a safe speech & debate camp experience for both students and staff. That includes robust safety and training standards for the faculty that we work with each summer.

All ISD faculty must complete a thorough background check that includes local, state, and federal criminal checks, as well as a review of the National Sexual Offenders Registry.

Additionally, before each session of ISD, all faculty are required to complete training on harassment, mandatory reporter requirements, student-teacher professional boundaries, health policies & procedures, drug & alcohol policies, and more. All faculty must also read and sign a robust faculty handbook that outlines all ISD policies and procedures. We also require that each faculty member complete the NFHS Cultural Competence Course that was created in partnership with the National Speech and Debate Association.

At ISD 2024, our compensation rates will be:

ISD: Online 2024:

  • Curriculum Director – $6,550
  • Senior Instructor (Requires a Bachelors Degree) – $4,300
  • Junior Instructor – $2,500

ISD 2024 In-Person Camps:

  • Curriculum Director – $6,550
  • Senior Instructor (Requires a Bachelors Degree) – $5,800
  • Junior Instructor – $3,500

​In addition to providing industry-leading compensation and on-site room and board, ISD also covers transportation costs for ALL of our instructors at our in-person locations. You shouldn’t have to pay to work at camp – and at ISD, you don’t have to.

To apply to join the ISD faculty at ISD 2024, please click here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at staff@ispeechanddebate.com.

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