ISD: Online  (June 27 - July 10, 2020 - Session 1)
ISD: Online  (July 12 - 25, 2020 - Session 2)

Online Platform

2 Weeks
1 Week

ISD 2021 In-Person/ISD: Online 2020 Combo

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2 Weeks Residential
2 Weeks Commuter

ISD: Online will bring the #ISDDifference straight into your home! Every event program will continue to provide the outstanding instruction and individualized attention that you have come to expect from our championship faculty. While the way lessons are taught in each event may change, each of ISD’s curriculum directors – all professional educators – have experience in distance education that will empower students to develop critical skills and find their voice even from afar.

Read more about event-specific plans for ISD: Online here.

A New Platform for the #ISDDifference

For the past seven summers, ISD has provided students with an outstanding in-person program rooted in access to all of our championship instructors and a focus on individualized attention for every student, regardless of their experience level. In 2020, we bring that same outstanding experience online. With instruction designed by our curriculum directors, all of whom are professional educators, ISD: Online will bring the experience that you have come to expect from the #ISDDifference to your home!

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Online instruction will require both instructors and students to adapt, but by utilizing a robust online platform, ISD will continue to provide the best speech and debate educational experience in the United States. There are some things that will not change:

  • Students will still be organized into labs and given access to ALL of our championship faculty.
  • Instruction will still occur in lectures, lab time, small group breakouts, individual one-on-one coaching sessions/office hours, and practice debates/performances.
  • Students will still be able to collaborate with peers from around the country and build connections that last far beyond the end of camp.

ISD is the only camp in the country that guarantees an adult educator in every lab and that commitment will continue online, a difference between our institute and others that matters even more in a digital environment. As such, our experienced instructors know that online instruction also requires some changes:

  • Skill and Topic Lectures: Recorded lectures and more modular scheduling of follow-up discussion and drills that allows students to work at their own pace and acknowledges the challenges with excessive screen time and attention span.
  • Lab Time: Synchronous (all students online at once) and asynchronous (each student online at their convienience) opportunities to learn in small group settings.
  • Office Hours: In what has long been a differentiator for ISD, all students will continue to have opportunities to work individually with each and every instructor in their event.  ISD: Online offers opportunities for more one-on-one instruction than ever before!
  • Practice Speeches and Rounds: Not only will all students still participate in abundant practices, but now instructors will have the chance to record critiques for review throughout the upcoming season.
  • Alternative Recreation Plans: A fun, family atmosphere has always been a part of the #ISDDifference.  That will continue as we work to build a sense of community amongst the ISD Family – even when we’re online!

Our event instructors will each approach the online platform differently and we encourage you to read more about those event-specific plans here. These plans are a work in progress and more will be added as we get closer to this summer. Regardless of the event, we are all united by our commitment to the #ISDDifference and our focus on providing students with the best educational experience possible. We can’t wait to welcome you into our ISD Family through ISD: Online this summer!

*Limited time offer: Sign-up for two weeks in any event at ISD 2021 and receive ISD: Online FREE this summer!*

Expert Educators with Online Education Experience.

At ISD, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver tailored instruction. With ISD: Online, that won't change. In fact, moving online means that we can do even more to tailor our instruction to every student. Students will have more individual coaching sessions than before and the ability to customize their own experience. That's the #ISDDifference.

– Brittany Stanchik, Curriculum Director - Congressional Debate

Activities in a Typical Day at ISD: Online

Live lectures with Q & A that are recorded and made available to all students.
Lab time where students can collaborate with each other and their instructors.
Individual work time that does not require a student to be logged-in. Faculty will be available throughout the day.
One-on-one coaching sessions in all events - similar to our traditional "office hours" - but more of them!
Small-group breakouts with staff focused on specific skills.
Practice debates, practice speeches, practice performances and practice congress sessions with feedback from ISD instructors and additional judges.
Recreational activities - we will continue to build community within our ISD Family while online!